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Welcome to Shark Gift Shop


Welcome to the Shark Gift Shop website!   The only website in the world (that I'm aware of) which offers nothing but Shark Stuff all in one place! And now with more products, shark gifts, shark books, shark gadgets, shark films, shark clothes, etc, than ever!

The Exclusive to Shark Gift Shop page is where you can find and buy items that are made or sold only by me in the UK and which are only available through Shark Gift Shop - please note I will be away until 25th May.  For the rest of the items, as this is mostly an affiliate website, the links will send you to other websites in a new window, to buy or find out further information about the items.  



My favourites
  Shark Earbuds     Shark Bite Socks
Shark! Heat Changing Shark Attack Mug!   Shark Earbuds
for ferocious sounds!
  Shark Wine Bottle Cosy   Shark Bite Socks
3D Shark Socks
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BUY NOW in Shark Exclusives
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Recommended last posting dates Christmas 2014

I will keep posting all the way up to Christmas.  I use first class post but if your item doesn't arrive in time simply return it for a refund.

Any Shark Charity or Conservation Society items are listed for free - please give them your support if you can.  Shark Gift Shop also supports them by making a donation of 10% of all Shark Gift Shop sales on Ebay.  The donations are divided between The Shark Trust, Sea Shepherd UK, Bite Back and The Marine Conservation Society.

I apologise that I can't include the prices, except for the items I sell directly, but with just me running the website it is very difficult to keep everything up to date. However when you click More Info a new window will open which will show you the prices and how to buy. Once you have found something you like please shop around as I can't guarantee that my link will send you to the cheapest price!  I hope this isn't too frustrating for you.

Shark Gift Shop was set up to make it easy for people who love sharks, or have friends and family that do, to find shark stuff for sale in one place - whether that be a shark shaped item for the kitchen, a terrible film, a fantastic pair of ferocious socks or a classy unique shark necklace - instead of having to trawl the internet for shark gifts and presents.  

I hope you find just the 'fin' you are looking for!