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Frequently asked questions

What is Shark Gift Shop?

Shark Gift Shop is a website which pulls together lots shark products from all over the internet.  The website aims to provide "nothing but Shark stuff all in one place".  The website is mostly an directory of affiliate links, or in English - I do not directly sell these products (except the ones in My Shark Shop) - instead, clicking on the links next to the products will open up external websites in a new window. I also make things to do with sharks which are for sale under the Exclusive to Shark Gift Shop page and are only available through me either here (cheapest), on ebay, on Etsy or Ecrater.


Who is Shark Gift Shop?

Hi! My name is Kate and I have always had a fascination with Sharks (which resurfaced 20 years ago due to a Tshirt - thanks DW, aka Sharkman (you know who you are!))  I think they are incredible, majestic, fascinating, intelligent, awe-inspiring creatures and I believe a lot of people share this fascination.  From personal experience I found there was not a one-stop-shop for shark products so I started Shark Gift Shop!


What is My Shark Shop?

These are items that you can buy directly from me - such as shark socks, shark earphones, shark tea-infusers (both the latter are shark shaped, NOT for use BY sharks, ha ha), etc - or things I have made myself and are only available through me (always sold cheaper here than on ebay, amazon or etsy where they may also be listed).  For almost all of these items I am the only person in the UK who sells them.  I don't have huge amounts of these things to sell so sometimes I can say for certainty "you are one of only 30 people in the UK who have these socks!).  They are very exclusive don'tchaknow. Just saying.  I digress...So anyway, these are the only items on this website that you can order directly from Shark Gift Shop and next to these items you will see an Add to Cart button.


How do I order from Shark Gift Shop?

The only items that you can order directly from Shark Gift Shop are those on the My Shark Shop page.  Next to these items you will see an Add to Cart button.  When you have finished adding things click on your shopping basket at the top right of the screen.  This will take you to the Checkout where you can review your order, change quantities if you like, and pay.  You will then be directed to PayPal.   You do not need a PayPal Account.


All other items on the website (the Other Shark Gifts and Stuff), are not sold by me, I just link to them.  Follow the links and then follow the ordering procedures for the seller's website.


What Payment Methods are accepted?

For the items that I sell (only those on the My Shark Shop page), you can pay using PayPal using a wide variety of payment methods.


For the other items, as these are sold through other websites please click on the item to be redirected to their seller's website and look at the relevant payment methods there.


What Delivery is offered?

For the items that I sell (only those on the My Shark Shop page), I use Royal Mail First Class post and aim to send items out within 2 business days. The P&P price is given next to the items.


For other items on the website which are sold through external websites, please refer to the sellers own website's delivery conditions.


What is your Refunds and Returns policy?

For any items you buy directly from me from the My Shark Shop page, I accept returns in an 'As New' condition.  If there is a fault in the product we will happily replace or refund including P&P.  If you'd like to return an item because you've changed your mind that's fine too but I'm afraid you will have to cover the P&P charges.


This only applies to the items that I sell directly. For items bought through external third party websites linked to from here please read their Returns policies.


Prices and price comparison?

I (Kate) run this website by myself -  with so many products I can't keep up to date with price changes which is why prices aren't listed except for the items I sell directly.  Once you have found something you like, click on it to see it's current price and then please shop around as I can't guarantee that my link will send you to the cheapest price!


What if I have a problem?

If you have any problem with this website, or with an item that you have bought directly from Shark Gift Shop (only those on the My Shark Shop page), please do not hesitate to contact me - [email protected] and I will do my best to resolve the problem as soon as possible and without more inconvenience to you.


If you have a problem with another listed product please contact the seller (the website that the link would have sent you to), that you bought the product from.


What new shark products are in the pipeline?

I am in the process of making some really special shark necklaces, greetings cards, dresses, winter hats, neckties, money boxes, tshirts, perspex shark scenes and some very large paper maiche sharks!  I will try to add updates in my  Blog.


How can I be the first to know when new products are added?

Follow Shark Gift Shop on Facebook ( or Twitter (


Where can I read news about Sharks?

Our Twitter feed offers a mixture of Shark News and new products on the website.


How can I find out about Shark and Marine wildlife conservation organisations?

I've created a Shark Links page where I have tried to list as many Shark and Marine conservation type organisations, charities and groups as I could think of.  They all offer different ways you can help.  If there is someone relevant that I've missed please let me know and I'll add them.


I love sharks and support any organisation that is working towards their conservation.  I donate 10% of sales I make through eBay to Shark Charities.  We have a special page with links to products for sale in the online shops of some of the organisations, eg, The Shark Trust and The Shark Conservation Society - please visit the Shark Charity & Society stuff page.

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