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This is where you'll be able to read occasional random and probably rambling posts about Sharks and find details of what Shark Gift Shop is up to and what new projects and products I'm working on.

By Shark Gift Shop, Nov 7 2016 10:09AM

Hi! And Welcome to the new Shark Gift Shop website!

I apologise that it has taken so long. The old website was still saying I was on holiday, watching Great White Sharks in South Africa, and that the website would be back at the end of August.

It has taken me ages to build the site, which now works better on mobile phones, and it will be a little while before it is populated with all the links to the Shark items that I need to add, but I thought that with Christmas around the corner at least I should get My Shark Shop up and running so that you don't miss out on Shark Bite Socks, or my handmade fluffy shark wine bottle covers and Charlie the fluffy Shark Hot Water Bottle cover. Unsurprisingly these are ONLY AVAILABLE FROM SHARK GIFT SHOP!

Many thanks for visiting and please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas.

Best wishes,


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