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Shark Gift Shop was set up to make it easy for people who love sharks, or have friends and family that do, to find shark stuff for sale in one place.  

Shark Gift Shop links here to items that shark charities and societies sell through their website shops.  This website is all about loving and admiring sharks and these charity's shops help to raise money for shark conservation and other worthwhile causes.  Please give them your support, donations, and maybe even join them as a member if you can.  Thanks.  Also, if you go to my page on eBay you will be able to buy my shark items and automatically give 10% donation to a Marine Conservation Charity.

Shark Charities Items

The Shark Trust Shop The Shark Conservation Society Shop
Marine Conservation Society Shop Sea Shepherd Shop
Bite Back Shop Items for sale with some proceeds going towards Ocearch Shark Angels Shop

Any Shark Charity or Conservation Society items are listed for free - please give them your support if you can.  Shark Gift Shop also supports them by making a donation of 10% of all Shark Gift Shop sales on eBay.


I apologise that I can't include the prices, except for the items in My Shark Shop that I sell directly. However when you click on items in the Other Shark stuff areas, a new window will open which will show you the prices and how to buy. Once you have found something you like please shop around as I can't guarantee that my link will send you to the cheapest price.


If you have any questions please see my Frequently Asked Questions page or contact me.