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Kit the Great White Shark - Fluffy Hot Water Bottle Cover


Exclusive in the UK to Shark Gift Shop because it's made by me!

Warm, soft and cuddly and very cute, this is a shark that will let you snuggle up without fear of attack!

Kit is hand-made by me with care and affection, so that each one is high quality, unique and only available through Shark Gift Shop!  No two are the same.

He will arrive, nicely packaged, in a box, swimming in a sea of blue tissue paper with his name tag.

So if you know someone with cold feet who'd like a shark in their bed, or someone who needs a shark to make them smile when using a hot water bottle to reduce aches and pains,  this might be the perfect gift!  I use one myself and can't tell you how nice it is to get into a bed pre-warmed by a shark.

Suitable for use with a 2L hot water bottle, or as a pyjama case.

Washable at low temperatures.


THIS IS NOT A TOY and due to the fluffy fur fabric used there could be a risk of choking so these are NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN

Some genuine reviews:

   "This warm shark is AMAZING!!! My husband and I love it, we named it our "sharky", thanks to him winter doesn't scare us anymore, he is so cute."

   "So super cuddly and has been used as a puppet with humorous results as it lip syncs to Otis Redding"

   "It is the greatest thing ever! Would definitely recommend."

   "I love sharks so cuddling up to this cosy, fluffy hot water bottle cover is one of my favourite things to do."


   "After a long overseas swim, he arrived today just in time for my daughter's dance lesson and she giggled with delight at this adorable fluffy shark. He is well made, and so mannerly (he doesn't bite!)... very soft and cuddly. I am now trying to think of more people to get a shark for. What a wonderful find! Thanks, Shark Gift Shop and good luck with your shark support mission!"


   "Fantastic! Beautiful hand made product, made and presented with feelings! Proud to give it as a gift"

Price includes First Class Postage to the UK.  

You should receive your shark within 7 days of ordering.

If you are buying from outside of the UK please contact me for postage rates. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR OVERSEAS (NON UK) SHIPPING COSTS.