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Shark Bite Socks - Cotton Rich and Bitey - Available now!

£9.99 (Sold out)

Wear these bestselling Shark Bite 3D Socks to work and only you will know that your lower legs are being attacked by sharks!

These well made cotton blend shark bite socks by Foot Traffic are lightweight and soft with a conservative shark grey foot and white jaws, eyes and cute little side fins.

Two sizes now available.

82% Cotton
15% nylon
3% rubber

These awesome jawsome 3D shark bite socks make a great inexpensive and unique gift for a shark (or sock?) lover, or you could buy a pair for yourself and smile to yourself throughout the working day as only you know their secret!   Don’t be afraid to slip your feet into the jaws of these sharks.  They don’t really bite…

"Coolest socks ever!"

Price includes First Class Postage to the UK.  You should receive your socks within 3 days of ordering.

If you are buying from outside of the UK please contact me for postage rates.