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Shark Gift Shop


Welcome to Shark Gift Shop - the only website in the world* that sells nothing but

Shark stuff all in one place!


Take a look around.  You are sure to find some fin...



One-off US Election special sharks!

Bidding until 7th December through eBay

100% of sale price will go to charity

Support a good cause and

be the only person in the world to own such an item!


Shark Gift Shop - Your one stop shop for all fins Sharky!     Somerset, UK

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I started Shark Gift Shop to make it easier to find shark gifts for people who admire/love/fear/respect sharks as I do, or who have friends and family that love sharks.   I have tried to pull together a collection of shark gifts and stuff for sale in one place  - whether that be a shark shaped item for the kitchen, a terrible film, a fantastic pair of ferocious socks or a stylish shark necklace - to save you having to trawl the internet for shark gifts and presents.


I sell some things myself such as my unique handmade Fluffy Shark Hot Water Bottle Covers.  You can see these items under My Shark Shop.  The Other Shark Gifts & Stuff page will lead you to a directory of links to shark items sold by other people and clicking on these will take you to their websites to complete your purchase.

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